Mounting Go Revel API + MongoDB on Docker

Go is fast, modern and fun to use. There are good web frameworks like martini or gin. The last time I tried gin I had lot of troubles declaring the routes, so I moved to Revel. It is known that Go doesn’t have a very good dependency management, so we will use I am a fan of Docker 🐳, because I like to keep things simple and easy to use (and deploy). Read On →

Get coordinates to clipboard on click

If you want to develop a Geolocalized app, you probably will need some seeds. Getting the coordinates requires a lot of clicks and mouse manipulation, making this task really slow 😥. So, I wrote a Javascript code to inject some functions to, just to make it easier 👌 You can view final result and code here. The Current and Slow Method Go to the map and click the location you want. Read On →

Setup Python 3 & Git on Windows 10

How to setup Python 3 and Git on Windows 10 (the hacker-way) using Chocolatey

Read On →